Piers Muiry (b.1996, United Kingdom)
I view the purpose of art to be an extension of processes that are observable in the world around us — a journey towards complexity and understanding. We can observe uniformity in systems that are distinctly orderly as well as in systems that are distinctly chaotic, and complexity in systems that contain elements of both chaos and order. Through this dynamic interplay we see emergence, matter gives rise to biology, biology to psychology, psychology to language, language to culture and so on and so forth. As I believe is the case with all things that fill us with a sense of meaning, I see my practice as a continuation of this process — focusing complexification into the subtleties of colour harmony, loose forms and texture. Beauty being the ultimate goal of each piece. If achieved, I believe the need for any explanation or justification fades from existence.” 

- From The Woods, Solo show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 18-28 August

- Conversation In Colour, Group show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 10-14 November

- Footprints, Group show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 15-21 November 

- Group show with Deep Seat Collective, Free The Gallery, 11-12 December 

- Mind & Matter, Solo show at Shaftesbury Art Centre Gallery, 11-24 March 

- Somerset Art Weeks, 21 September - 6 October 

- Work exhibited at
Saatchi Gallery
Turner Contemporary
Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Online 

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