Piers Muiry (b.1996, United Kingdom)

A sense of ethereality and otherness permeates Muiry’s loose expressive forms of meticulously applied colour. Emerging from philosophic ponderings, the works explore themes of consciousness, memory, perception and time. In contrast with the immateriality of the subject matter, the paintings remain deeply rooted in the organic materials from which they are made; sculpted in wood and painted in oil. Branching out from the aesthetic principles of Rothko and Hodgkin, each composition delves into the intricacies of visual harmony and beauty, encapsulated within the discrete elements of its own nature. This pursuit resonates akin to a piece of instrumental music, bereft of explicit depiction yet harmonising with experiential truth.

- From The Woods, Solo show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 18-28 August
- Conversation In Colour, Group show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 10-14 November

- Footprints, Group show with Pilgrims Contemporary, 15-21 November 

- Group show with Deep Seat Collective, Free The Gallery, 11-12 December 

- Mind & Matter, Solo show at Shaftesbury Art Centre Gallery, 11-24 March 

- Somerset Art Weeks, 21 September - 6 October 

- Work exhibited at
Saatchi Gallery
Turner Contemporary
Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Online 

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